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Configuration in PrestaShop

1. Information on the payment in PrestaShop

Information on the payment is available in the PrestaShop administration. See image 1. 

You’ll find this information:

  • Transaction ID
  • Currency code
  • Payment date
  • Fraud Fighter notifications
  • Card type
  • Amount

The order view also contains a link to you Bambora administration that allows you to find and process the payment. The order and transaction ID’s in PrestaShop match the ID’s in Bambora's administration. 

2. Settings

Go to Modules in the menu, find the Bambora module, and press ’Configure’ to find the module settings.

Merchant number

The merchant number you received from Bambora. You can find it in the menu Settings -> Payment system from your Bambora administration.

Window ID

Choose which version of the payment window to use: You can create different versions from the Bambora administration via the menu Settings -> Payment window. This is useful if you want to show a different text for foreign customers, if you want to display different payment card logos, or different settings for transaction fees. 

Remote API

By activating Remote API, you can capture, credit and delete payments from PrestaShop. This means you don’t have to log in to ePay’s administration to process payments.

MD5 mode

We recommend using MD5 to secure the data sent between your system and Bambora.

MD5 key

If you’ve activated MD5 in Bambora, you have to enter your key here (the same key you entered in your Bambora administration). The keys must be perfectly identical in the two systems.


You can divide payments into different groups and limit your Bambora users’ access to specific groups. A group is a name/string. If you don’t want to use groups, simply leave the field empty (default).

Auth Mail

If you want an email at every completed payment, you can enter an email address here. If you have multiple recipients, separate the addresses with a semicolon (;). Leave the field empty if you don’t want to use this service.

Add transaction fee to shipping

If you put this setting at yes, the transaction fee will be added to the shipping costs.

Instant capture

By enabling this, the payment is captured immediately. You can only use this setting if the customers receive their goods immediately as well, e.g. downloads or services.

Own receipt

Enter the URL here if you want to use your own order confirmation page. The page must be specified in PrestaShop.

Use Google Pageview Tracking

Choose if you want to use Google Analytics to track visitors to your website.

Enable Invoice Data

Put this at Yes if you want to offer invoice payments, e.g. through Klarna.

These functions are integrated in the PrestaShop module, but you can manually apply all the functions for the payment window. To do so, define the relevant parameters in your module files. See all available parameters here.

3. Process payments from PrestaShop

You can process payments from PrestaShop without having to log in to your Bambora administration. 

Ensure that the setting Remote API is put at yes. In the Bambora administration the setting is called API/Web service. 

Please note that when this setting is activated in PrestaShop, the IP address of your PrestaShop system must be registered in the Bambora administration. Do this in the menu: API/Web service -> Access

To capture a transaction, find the order, enter the amount you want to capture, and press ‘Capture’. 

To cancel an order and delete the payment, find the order, and press ‘Delete’. The transaction is deleted in ePay’s administration.

To credit a payment, find the order, enter the amount you want to refund, and press the ‘Delete’ button.